SERS is an autonomous research and educational organization registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 bearing registration no. 38/2014-15. SERS is mainly engaged in promotion of basic, applied and agricultural sciences to participate in national building prograame. Society is also working in the area of conservation of nature and protection of environment. For all kind of promotion activities, SERS is organising workshop, training programme, symposium in different burning and challenging issues. Society is also planning to publish science journals, magazine and news letter. Society recognises excellent workers by confirming them SERS awards.

  • Agriculture Sciences and Biotechnology

Crop Improvement: Conventional to Molecular approaches, Advance in Seed biology and Seed Technology to enhance the Corp productivity, Advance in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering for growth and development.

  • Engineering and Technology

Microelectronics, Microprocessors & VLSI, Signal processing, Imaging & Communication. Structural Engineering and Design, Enviornmental Geotechnology, Geotechnical Engineering and Materials- water resources, supply and Hydrology.

  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Nano Science and its utility for the welfare for human being, Thin filim, Nuculear and Astrophysics.